The Chorus Dec 2008 Second Issue

Actually I can't post this images because they are meant for print medium and for sale. Whatever, I know not much people reading my bl...
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Dr. Faustus, Friday the 13, June 2008

This is my own theatre performance. I posing as the Bad Angel... sorry i don't have my own photos. me hate my photo being snapped (ther...
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This is the photo shoot for a theatre performance in my matriculation era. For the models, please don't be mad at me because I didn...
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I just bought 6 BBC react Shakespeare plays. It cost me 80$.. huhu.. im too lazy to read the script so hopefully this dvds will help me und...
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Nusantara 08

actually I want to post this long time ago. but im too lazy to upload pictures with snail internet connection, so mampu...
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My Photoshop Savior

PSD TUTS ***** Free ImageStocks Quality PS Brushes **** POSTER CREATOR [I kno this is not PS, but hell i want to share it] Design Reviver...
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English literature

Love reading classics? this is for you Classic Short Stories : [Charles Dickens, Sir Ath...
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