The Chorus Dec 2008 Second Issue

Actually I can't post this images because they are meant for print medium and for sale. Whatever, I know not much people reading my blog and by the time they digg this layout, it 'll be past issue. huh-RISKY-. This is a newsletter developed by English Department students here in IIU and I am their creative director [well the lazy one!] So, what was my purpose putting this image on the web? Well, my jobs is done so I need my pals / anybody [anonymous enable] to comment - improve - idea - want_to_write_article? [sure can! we have collumn for that too..] or anything that you think appropriate to write back. The text look like a holy scripture long? U-huh-Give us a chance!

p/s: this is PDF converted to JpEG-- so the quality might vary/loss. However, they are big enough to print on A3 size paper. cool HUH



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