Dr. Faustus, Friday the 13, June 2008

This is my own theatre performance. I posing as the Bad Angel... sorry i don't have my own photos. me hate my photo being snapped (there's an old saying; a good photographer don't ahave his own photo) huhu. Anyway, this theatre is for my Drama class. So it is not open for public, just for classmates and kinship..thats why my phamplet go on for the next level, MORE gore, MORE blood, and MORE skulls. If it was meant for public, I'm 123456789% sure it i'll be ripped-off the wall. Well, whatever!~ So back to the Bad Angel, let me tell u very graphicly, Im wearing a black robe with hood, covering 80% of my face, and my face is being makeup with some tribal tatoo on my chin up to my cheek with black. Hence our theme is face tatoo. Btw, i forgot, Dr Faustus is pretty gothic itself, Satan, Lucifer, Ifrit, Balzebub and Gehannome (yes, it spells Jahannam). I am very glad that the date is on our side [Friday the 13 is very cool for a gothic play] and the play starts at 11.50 pm MIDNIGHT. and the coolest thing is, when Lucifer lines said "You damn old fool, it is 10 past 12 now" It really is in the real life. Yet another cool thing is our most precious prop. SNAKE. yes you heard me, Living batik python. COOL isn't! wish you were there to see.
p/s: they are still at super large size 3508x2480. Print may fit a4 size, well if you want~
>>The pictures used in the making of this pamphlet is not mined! [Lazy] they are belong to Revolver Magazine Tool Special Edition and some are from Angryblue.com [well now you know my secret] Im using those pictures for non-profit purposes, hopefully the owner are not going to sue me. [Please no, Im a student, don't have any money--]



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