I worship green religiously, can I take one of your eyes? I enjoy your smile, can I cut them lips and save it so I can kiss it later? I lov...
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I like this one, sorry Paul Smith, :)
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Recent fawking busy update

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modern poster is ugly! I HATE IT
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Theatre Competition

UPDATED = NO COMMENT Ok, for a very long time I hadn't do any modern typo type posters. For those who familiar with my posters, th...
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I'm a Fakespeare

I knew I am not a good poet, in fact, I don't even think I can write lovely rhyming words. But today, a friend send me a mail (The Unfai...
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A No0b guide to dissambling laptop case

Why would you ransack your precious laptop? Well, I won't waste my saliva if it is no use of doing so. Ones may operate their laptop for...
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no comment!
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A Documentary to 17th Century Literature

There is nothing new with this photo. I recycled it for my DVD 17th century Documentary Assignment cover. Formerly, this photo used for a m...
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Benl Massive Gathering 2009

Quote -- Dr. Hare "there 'll be a Benl Massive Gathering, it's either you attend or die!" . Yes, he means that, it is comp...
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A better draft!

Actually [ and I think most of my post start with 'Actually' ], I finished doing this layout in early February. It's due in ...
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Nusantara 09 Theatrical Performances

I'm just got back from the theatre hall and i couldn't help myself to eagerly post a new post! I'm so exhaust -- even I'm...
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