Benl Massive Gathering 2009

Quote -- Dr. Hare "there 'll be a Benl Massive Gathering, it's either you attend or die!" . Yes, he means that, it is compulsory because every Massive Gathering for Benl, "it is always turn out to be a micro gathering" , he said. And the bad news is, If you absent from the gathering, you will not get any recommendation from the department, wooowoowooo~~ scary! If you can't see the details on the image <---- --="" after="" an="" and="" appropriate="" blogspot="" click="" delete="" department="" easy="" eh="" english="" er..="" flickr="" for="" forgot="" i="" image="" is="" it="" keywords="" language="" large="" ld="" literature.="" missing="" more="" of="" on="" one="" paper="" patch="" pls="" poster.="" realized="" rom="" search="" size.="" span="" style="font-style: italic;" text="" that="" the="" thing="" this="" tool="" upload="" using="" view="" what="" will="">kot, Whatever it is, I believed it is under heal tool in Photoshop.

ps: the text is "micro-organism scale". Aiyoh! It is ain't easy to scale the "dirty" typography.



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