Nusantara 09 Theatrical Performances

I'm just got back from the theatre hall and i couldn't help myself to eagerly post a new post! I'm so exhaust -- even I'm doing nothing but watching the plays -- huhu -- Honetsly, the Alahai...Soto is so amazing. It is like watching La Vita e Bella (Roberto Benigni's Life is Beautiful) again ! It started with comedy, then romance and some suspens then fall with a tragedy. Everything is arranged nicely. However, in some suspens and tragedy there is still 'selit-selit' comedy - biasalah tu, normal people cannot handle drama and serious plays or movies all the way. Hmm.. for Its Takes Two to Tango (aiyoh -- how many T you want huh!) it started still nice but it gets so pale and heavy to carry on -- this is a personal verdict eh! -- aside from the story, your stage concept is very good! take credit for it, I admit, it is so good -- simple, nice, and realistic -- and the transition between the different settings which need to replace some of the props is carefully done. However, both of the plays, it is so typical, It Takes Two to Tango, I predict you kinda switch spouse or anything similiar (yes, I didn't watch it till the end -- I'm getting my cig break) and for Alahai...Soto, I thought the side theme is about a kolot kampong people who thinks people from city is better-- like Yasmin Ahmad's Rabun. I'm dissapointed that it isn't. And why people from city (London to be precise!) has to be so bitchy -- I'm also not watcing your ending.. lol -- I can predict, it must be the London guy change his leaf. Well, whatever it is, the plays is still goin on this Wednesday, and if I had a chance, I want to see the endingto proved that my verdict is wrong!

ps: The posters -- yes it always done by me, they are so horrible-- I only had a two hour to get it finish from scratch. I'm so F busy lately. Im referring to It Takes Two to Tango's poster. The rest is fine! I'm just redefine them!



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