A Documentary to 17th Century Literature

There is nothing new with this photo. I recycled it for my DVD 17th century Documentary Assignment cover. Formerly, this photo used for a multimedia presentation for 'the making of The Servant of Two Masters' theatrical performance back in my Matriculation days. I used the photo of Big Ben London and the Pisa.. an easy and messy Photoshop job. And for the second time i want to used em, I don;t bother to repair some holes here and there..

I am very sad right now. It is because my output video is rendered as HD quality means that it is super large, 6 gig to be exact and I had to delete some of my movies collection, which I am mourning today for my loss!

p/s: As i am in grief, my brain is stop functioning for a temporary period. I unable to write a "attention grabbing" post or correcting my grammar whatsoever.



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