A No0b guide to dissambling laptop case

Why would you ransack your precious laptop? Well, I won't waste my saliva if it is no use of doing so. Ones may operate their laptop for several reason. To name a few, I opened my laptop to clean underneath the keyboard layer, to do a little housekeeping in the fan and heat sink, and my sole intention in the first place is to repaint/mod my laptop casing. So, in this post, we will focus on doing it for painting purpose as it is taking you to take off the whole laptop and see him completely naked! Aww.

Ok, what do you need before we jump-start to destroy your lappy? First, the complete tool for electronic devices such as the right screwdrivers (non-magnetic), a few steel plate (shape like manicure tool, optional), a few cups for storing the screws, mini flashlight (optional) and a manual guide of your laptop (downloadable on your laptop manufacturer website).

Now we have the right tools, make sure you write down (or print would be a very good idea) all the information needed from the manual guide and this guide. Shut down your computer and remove all the attaching wires and USBs. Turn your laptop upside down (the base facing up, and the front panel facing you), remove the battery and unscrew all the screws in the battery porthole.

Now, turn it back to normal viewing, open your lid (the screen) as far as possible, and using some plate of steel, force open your first cover (commonly the area of the power button, sound button). Put the plate at the opening holes located underneath the upper keys of |Esc| , |F1|, |F5|, |F12| and |Insert| . The holes might be vary on different models, but it should be nearby, and refers to your manual if you seriously cannot find the hole. Do this carefully and at your own risk, flashlight come handy in this situation. If you success in this part, then we proceed to the keyboard, unscrews all keyboard screws, it should be nearby the holes and look for any attachment of the keyboard before lifting it out. Take out the keyboard, and you will see a ribbon wires attach the keyboard to the casing, unattach it. It should be easy, and carefull with the wires, unlock the ribbon by the sides of the female reciever side locks. Take out, and clean the underneath keyboard (mine is pretty disgusting) before we proceed.

Unscrew all the screws under the keyboard, close the lid of your laptop, and turn it over again, unscrew all the screws you see on the base enclosure. Remove the hard disk, wireless adapter and ram lids. Carefully emergency eject your cd-rom drive by using a pin/needle/wire inject it in the small peekhole near the eject button. Force it a little bit, and properly, it will be ejected. Take out your hard disk, put someplace safe. Force taking out the base enclosure, but carefull enough to know if any screws you missed to unscrew. If you done it properly, the base enclosure will easily to remove, and if not, make the manual as your good friend.

Phew~, what a guide, but we are not done yet. Now, do some cleaning if you like and after that, remove the screws on your fan. Then proceed to the heatsink, which is underneath the fan, then the processor, located underneath the heatsink. Refer your manual and see if there is anything beside things mention before that need to be removed before taking out the up cover of the laptop. Now, turn the laptop as usual view, open the lid, and see if any screw left that still attaching the motherboard to the up cover. If not, there you go, remove the up cover, and you get yourself a motherboard full of chips.

Haha, I got some confession to make, actually, I never got to do it as far as removing the heatsink because it is too dangerous, well if you are an adventurous human whoo take risk then do it. It can be done, it is not rocket science but I can't afford to lose my laptop. hee hee

Reverse all the procedures, and switch on your laptop again. If it is blinking showing no sign of loss such ass the keyboard or any LEDs, then you are now ready to paint your laptop. Buy some primer undercoat for plastic, wet sandpaper, crack repair cement for plastic (optional), your favourite colour for the laptop, gloss finish clear paint, and car wax/paint heal kit (optional). Make some stencil if you like. Why we open the laptop first and then buy the paint stuff? Well, it saves you a bit and make a good practice first before doing the process, maybe you will end up like me to chicken to ransack all the compenent of your laptop.

Disamble the laptop again, do the painting procuderes in someplace safe, not windy or dusty and leave it dry. Make it several layer, but not to thick. The reason is to let the edge stays intact so it would fit the board. After you done painting, sand the any side frames and any place that appear to be too thick. Lastly, you finish it off with clear gloss paint, thinly.

Woah, it will be super nice (or ugly, haha, you are a risk taker right?). Show it off to your friends that you p0wn a new laptop. FAQ, why risking your laptop if you could just cover all the parts that need to be covered and spray the paint without disammbling it? Well, you could do that, but the paint will be dripping and the layer would be unbalance thick and mostly it will mess the sides of your laptop where there are many ports to be covered.

Sorry, there are parts that I forgot, the screen, do not take it out, just cover it and spray to the part that need to be spray and for the touchpad area, I do not know about that, maybe you need to left that part as original as it is.

So I'm the chicken and you are a crazy bastard if you've done it. Share me some photos if you done it right. And if you are a chicken just like me, haha, just dream on and post a blog about 'doing it'.. LoL..

p/s: If some minor part that left out, well you can figure it out how to do it.



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