How I did my LingApp movie review

Well, when I took the subject last semester, me and my group mates need to clip the whole movie to show on a presentation. So I was puzzled on how to split the movie excessively like every 10 seconds, pain-free and last minute job.

I believe there's already a software on my computer to do that (I thought it was Windows Movie Maker, but it's not)


It's PowerPoint 2010 (not sure in 2007 and 2003, well you can check it out), oh, I killed two birds with one stone. Exact quality as the original, user friendly clipping method, and ready on slides. So let see how I did it.

Fire up your PowerPoint (it should goes without saying)

Right click on the left sidebar's slide, click Layout, and choose Blank, to get a nice clean layout slide. I always do this to all slides, default layouts are lame anyway. Load your movies by going to Insert and click Video. Do not drag and drop as it won't load as video but files
. 2
It takes time as it copy the file into the programme. My machine is 2.2Ghz Core2Duo with 4GB of RAM but still it took long time. Hope you are lucky to get it copied.
We will use this first slide with complete duration of the movie as a base of the movie that we want to clip, so Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V to make things easier, later.

Under the Video tab you will see Trim Video, Aha! 3
Well, it has Bookmarks feature too, but I won’t use it as there’s too much things to control; Seek, Play, Pause. While clipping will let you play a start and stop video with one click. Neat.

Point to your start time and stop time, there’s also a box to type in the hour, minute, and second for a precise clipping. Well that’s it, click OK and then maybe you can check out some other features like Play Full Screen, and Start On Click or Automatically. I personally let it not play in Full screen and Start On Click so it gives me control while I deliver my speech about the clip.

For the next clipping, Ctrl+V the slide that you already copied before, the one with the file loaded in the slide, it just easier than to Right Click, Duplicate Slide, and Dragging.

When you are saving, let it take it’s time, don’t do anything while in the process, because any interruption will bring you back to square one and oh, I did disable auto save because the files I load are too big and making the whole process laggy.. 

Good luck..



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