'Yes' 4G plan with a few 'No's

Ok, download speed is blazing fast, we know that, can we move on now?
I'm living in International Islamic University of Malaysia, is  my place covered?
Here is the proof.
Anyway, maybe you can check it time-after-time here http://coverage.yes.my/ . This fact alone already make the super duper fast network useless to me as they don’t get my place covered! How about 3g? they got my place covered and any cellular coverage may work under slower connection such as EDGE and GPRS. YES 4g internet only support in covered areas, No coverage, No 7mbps download.
Is this connection mobile?
YES with a Huddle modem (a MiFi router actually), YES, you got connection everywhere in the covered area.
Oh, I am so grateful,
But after using the modem, I noticed that, the modem must be static to channel the connection. HAHAHA, I cannot walk while IM, surf while in LRT, or using Google maps in my car.
So, is it really mobile?
Tested and it works (but still if the Huddle modem is not stable, connection is lost, so it applies only to walking while the modem is in your pocket.)
I was thinking to download large gigs of torrent, but as I do the math, 3MB=9cents, 2GB= errrrr.... (fire up your calculator please!!!)

I brace myself to ask for the next question. How can I get this fantastic mobile modem?
‘Have to pay 400RM + 50RM without any credit inside’
I utter a few ‘Oh’s
Or you can pay 1199RM for credit inclusive Huddle modem and 50RM registration?
Hmmm…. 1199RM is much money, so I ask again, if I pay this and take it home with me, and unsatisfied with the service, is it possible to send it back and get refund as in ‘trial mode’?
There is NO trial mode, NO refund… We will take your RM1199



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