The Good, The Bad and The Fugly

I know it is too late to say anything about iPhone now, since everyone know what is an iPhone. However, do anyone realise that there is youPhones exist around us? huh?


Ha ha ha, being force to look at the ads everyday after work, I realize that, it is a youPhone (very subliminally). What a silly idea to recycle what have been used from Apple. If it is for a China fake imitation ow-end phone, I don't mind at all, it's their nature, but a from giant, senior hand phone maker? hmmm.. Don't let me go to Samsung and their UI. It is saddening me to see it's Android UI customized to look like the step sister of the iPhone. (the ugly and wannabe one, you know the kind)

Icons compared side by side, left is iPhone

this picture is taken from

How about laptop! Arrrgh, what an eyesore to see that white/metallic design, trying to get a mirrored look from an Apple Macbook. Don't they learn from the witch in Snow White? Don't take Apple, it's poisonous and don't try to get the advise from the mirror!

Apple Macbook Pro vs HP ENVY (Yeah you damn right bout that codename)

Oh, one copy is not enough, Dell must join too. Saddening.

See their respective web site for more details. If you read this far, you may think that I’m a Apple fanboy, but I am not. I hate Apple for certain reason, and I hate those who tried so hard to be like Apple. Whatthe****!



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