How to give your blog an interface-lift and increase readability

Do you wonder why your blog looks so darn ugly no matter how much you put glitters around it? The answer lies behind the fonts, not the half-done Photoshop filter effects 'design'.

Based on my observation, almost all well known websites using this ultimate typefaces combination;

"Georgia Bold & Italic for header + Arial 13pt for body."

If this is the winning recipe for major article websites, it is definitely will work for you. Go ahead and try, you will see immediate change in readability aesthetic. In more technical word, Serif for header, and san-serif for body. The reason why to use Georgia and not Times New Roman is that, Georgia is fatter in the serif and the second reason is that, never, never, never ever use default Microsoft Times New Roman & Calibri fonts on anything except formal stuff like letter and your assignment (Papyrus & Comic Sans are forbidden like you-know-who in Harry Potter). Arial is more curvier than Verdana but not too curvy than Trebuchet which make it perfect.

"Times New Roman vs. Georgia"
see, Times is thinner

"Verdana(y) vs. Arial(y) vs. Trebuchet(y)"
look at the tail of the 'y'

13pt for size is a nice trick to go away from default 12 hence change the mood and improve readibility.

If your blog have a lot of quotes, let your Georgia header bold only, not Italicize. In the quotes, you can use Georgia italic and see how beautiful it will be. Nice contrast of attention (header, quotes) and focus (body) functions.

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris consectetur leo sed velit varius vulputate. Sed rhoncus purus in enim lacinia vestibulum ut pharetra sapien. Nullam consequat turpis magna. "
It sounds serious intellectual already, without really reading it

now, leave alone your cracked Photoshop for rest a while. Go fiddle with type setting, now!



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