AdBlock-ing KL, the easiest way

I was planning to clear my view from any ads in KL. I wish that prank of AdBlock on April fool was a real deal. Never mind, I found an exciting alternative; to replace it with a piece of art; seaview.

No Port Dickson talking, I promise. I knew it before you say it. PD talking is bloated and it just lame to blog about it. This time is Port Klang’s North Port, Tanjung Harapan (or The Esplanade). The big rival to Bagan Lalang in the battle of which place have the freshest, cheapest local seafood. It’s a Kl trip and 100% public transportation

Seafood trip at Port KlangSeafood trip at Port KlangSeafood trip at Port Klang

  • How long to go? An hour and fifteen minutes
  • How much to pay for transport? RM4.60 for KTM, RM 12 for Taxi
  • Best-o-meter :  Bessss
  • Verdict: Should try this before going to Bagan Lalang

The duration from Putra to Port Klang station is an hour fifteen minutes. From the station, we took a taxi nearby the KTM station to Tanjung Harapan, saying to the driver to go the seaside, not the golf club, it's nearby anyhow. We reached there at 5.30pm which is very ideal because after 6pm, in the weekend, many people start to find parking slot and there’s many more coming. I was there at 4.30, it seem a little bit too early but there’s things to see;

Seafood trip at Port Klang

dissolving myself looking at the widescreen of the seaside, tracking the slow movement of the ships, or if you are lucky, sail-boat or yacht.

Seafood trip at Port Klang

a white ship replica, even though it is full with vandal “hieroglyph”, it was fun and interesting anyway. Looking closely to the base of the ship, there is a school of small swordfish.

Seafood trip at Port Klang

the sun

Seafood trip at Port Klang

and the red flower tree.

The food was spectacular. We dine at Muara Ikan Bakar restauran. I ordered Siakap grilled for RM30, 3 squid grilled gor RM9, one steamed crab 60cent (unbelievable!!!! I know) and Nasik Lemak RM3 (if you intend to focus more on seafood, go with plain rice)

Seafood trip at Port KlangSeafood trip at Port Klang

The Four Delicious Orders

Seafood trip at Port KlangSeafood trip at Port Klang

The view was  bloody crimson. The seafood was mouthwatering to blog about and also there is a serious change of the breeze. Clean air unlike the city centre of Kuala Lumpur.

There's a minor problem, there's no taxi to go home. But there's a solution to that. We call the taxi stand to send us back to the KTM station and it cost us RM15. It's a nice KL escape. Try it.



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