How Do I Achieve Digital Nirvana

Lets face it, I have IOCD.

That is Internet Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in case you are wondering. I wish I could Command+Z all my wrong sign ups and save some money to buy apps for my devices.

When I was looking for the perfect internet service provider a year ago, I was intrigued by the all the marketing tricks with the uneven cube display, stormtrooper flashmob, giant touch display.  I paid RM1000 ++ for the propriety MiFi router and a starting account. It was all fun and games until I see all my credit RM1000++ gone low after 60GB data transfer and it was only in 2 months usage!

This is not happening. I was horrified, petrified, scarified and immediately scream "NOOOOOOOO"

I changed to Unifi. Amazing things is truly happening when I signed up with the latest TM offering. It is a highspeed internet with TV and wireless home phone free call to TM fixed line.

The technician guys came to my condo at no time, with zero configuration needed to understand, everything was set up perfectly fine. Placed every boxes just the way I would've wanted.

I love my set up now. I have an iMac 27" sitting beautifully in my room, 42" HDTV complete with 5.1 theater set in my living room, an Asus laptop, iPhone and iPad. Life is great, and it becomes greater when I connect them together, seamlessly. All thanks to Unifi.

Lets start on Friday night (putting Rebecca Black's Friday aside), where all things come to life. I get home after work, just to get the steam blows off, I will check on the latest movie on my iMac and get them downloaded, 10 minutes is all it takes. That is large files we are talking about. I stream it to my laptop which is connected to my HDTV via Plex. Control it via my wireless keyboard or Plex app on my iPhone via local WiFi. When I finish with it, I rate it, star it, and post it to Facebook for a fun discussion.

To feed my further addiction to motion pictures, I usually go to Vimeo in couch mode, and stream all the latest staff picks HD channel. At 1080p, my iMac 27" displays beautifully crisp image you feel like you want to lick it off - or maybe it just me. Unifi at 5Mbps able to pump all the juice flows uninterrupted, hats off to TM. There also was a time where I stream Eurovision Song Contest live and the singers didn't stutters at all.

Comes Saturday morning, I woke up with Channel News Asia or Euronews from HyppTV over a hot cup of coffee and biscuits. With the latest addition of radio channel, morning is just getting sweeter because  sometimes I just listening to radio for my breakfast routine. Going down for a swim in the pool, I bring along my phone and connect it with TM Wifi, so that I don't miss a tweet or Facebook notification just in case my friends make check in somewhere I would tag along later.

I love things just the way the are now.

I will not ever "Potong" my Unifi,
I said "NO" to overcharged internet rate,
I don't have "Time" to wait for their connection to arrive to my area,
and what is a "Home" without  TV channels?

p/s: at 33rd floor, I tried 3G broadband and it was very slow I could masak megi by the time it fully load a website.

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