What's is in my iPad

Flipboard for my Internet reading pleasure. They did a very good job at maintaining channels. Kudos to Flipboard team. It's been my nearest companion, to bed, to toilet, oh how I wish I could flip while showering! ( I anti Google, so no Google Reader, just you wait till I change my blogger account too!)

iBooks - PDF are so lame, though iBooks can handle them, but they aren't as flexible as ePub. 

Pocket - free Read Later service! 
Dictionary - companion for life. 
Work - iWork, Outlook, Scanner pro, Evernote, PDF Expert, Pages (Facebook), and LinkedIn.
Photography - iPhoto, Instagram, Photoshop Touch, Layout.
Awesome Note - for offline Evernote reading. 
SketchbookX - free for sketching/tracing
Paper - more casual sketching
Phoster - for quick Swiss poster / etc emergency. 
360 - for panorama and 360 virtual tour.
Papago - for my motor riding direction. Ahakz!
Post - to post this blog lah!

Feel free to critic my reading materials. 

How bout you, share your essential apps with me.



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