Best FREE for Commercial Use-No Attribution Fonts Pt 1

There are loads of great free fonts posted on blogs every week, but not all of them can be use for commercial reason. I use  Font Squirrel  ...
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Just doodled this on Sketchbook Ink .
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Sheena Baharudin was my ex lecturer and Mark Walker is a dear friend of mine. This is going to be so fun! See details at Time Out Penang ....
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Alte Haas Grotesk

Ooh.. Look at this beauty. I haven't try this yet, but damn this look so beautiful.  Free download at Dafont . 
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Raspberry Pi

I just ordered this online . It's a mini computer packaged with 512mb Ram, HDMI Port, 2 USB Ports, Ethernet port and SD card slot for D...
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Pool Party @ The Dode's

Invite only! XOXO
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Free vintage prints

Found these vintage prints at  .  I'm printing these out to put on my new wall mounted clipboard...
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The Fold

Oh how I would love this. Very minimal and elegant. Seen this on   LEFFOT .
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If Fonts Wore Moustache

Saw this on Design Taxi . Really like Mr. American Typewriter and Mr. Jeanne Moderno Ot. 
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