Travel Journal

Travel journal is a fun things to do to document your travel instead of just taking photos, and you have to admit it, most of the time it sucks and you probably won't look at it ever again. Travel journal is somehow something much more personal and more memorable. With the adult colouring book craze popping up like HM stores opening, you can join on the bandwagon of colourful markers on paper but with a different twist. Moreover, writing you travel down is very therapeutic as you relive those memory again from mind.

By putting pen to paper, glue to photos, you are doing much more than slapping a VSCO free preset and hoping everything will turn out OK. Well, it's OK to do those things too, but scrapbooking a travel journal is something everyone is familiar and had been doing it since kindergarten.

For me, I have decided to take up traditional paper and pen journaling again. The last time I wrote to this little black book was December 2011. Back then there wasn't smartphone and apps to go to and my laptop was always on for movies and dorm mates. 🙏 Let see how 'rajin' I am.



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