Istanbul Part 1 : At a glance

Food : Mostly creamy style of food, which is fine, but doesn’t satisfy this constantly abused tastebuds. I remembered enjoyed having the fish sandwich Balik Ekmek by the Galata Bridge Fish Market and also chicken rice at the street stalls.

Transportations : The ground tram and other LRTs and/or MRTs are the best way to get just about anywhere as taxi is mostly overcharging and potentially harmful. Alternatively, there is a bus for the adventurous (like me). There is a Nostalgia Tram for a vintage vibe and also horse cart was seen in the small islands nearby. On the water are ferries, boats, cruises, and ships.

Drink : Çay! Turkish tea to warm my body during the cool winter ( I lied, it was only September!). Raki which is their national drink, and it is alcoholic!? Hmm… (In case you are wondering, no I didn’t try it) There were also Salep and Boza, which I didn’t enjoy at all. But maybe you will.

Must See : Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Modern, The Grand Bazaar Kapalı Çarşı, The Egyptian Spice Bazaar Mısır Çarşısı.

Favourite : The nostalgia ambiance and the sea atmosphere.

What to Avoid : Scam artists, taxis and offers on the street. There is a saying that I read somewhere, “If you can survived Istanbul, you can survived anywhere”.

Least Favourite : I better keep this private.

What to Wear : Extra layers of clothing - scarf, jacket, undershirt or all of it, because it is extremely windy when I was in September.

Language : The characters almost Roman-like with a few variances. The majority of the people doesn’t speak English.



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