Istanbul Part 2 : Five Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Istanbul

When I was in Istanbul, I felt that I was a little bit under prepared. So here are few things that I personally found after been to Istanbul.

Reflections : Nostalgic, cold, not too expensive, and unique landscape.

Unique Problems : Scams are to stay away. Before you go, help yourself to read about the scam tactics so you are being one step ahead.

Holiday : If we are celebrating Aidilfitri here, the turks celebrate Sukre Bayram — a sweet celebration with chocolate and sweets.

What Would I Do Differently : Get an Uber ready and learn a little bit of the language.

What I’ve missed or known before travelling : To stay in Taksim for easy night out and to visit Sultanahmet during day.

Bonus : Food poisoning is possible even if you are eating at a decent restaurant. But, could happen anywhere though. (Hence the face in the photo - lol!

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