Istanbul Part 3 : Five Ways to Take Better Photos While in Istanbul

You are going to fly off to Istanbul next week, and you are reading this blog post, yet you do want to know how you could take better photos when you are travelling. Forget all photography basic classes, you ain't got no time for that, but fret not, here is a simple guide for you to follow your way to better photos.

1. Check out Flickr for photos taken in Istanbul, and pick few of it that you think you can replicate. Save it in your phone for quick reference on which angle work best.

2. While on Flickr, check on the location pin on maps where the photo was taken. Make note and star the location on your maps.

3. Your clothing colour of choice will play important role on how you will appear in the photo. Think of your possible backgrounds - sea [blue], ancient building or ruins [light brown], turkey flag [red] - and pair the colour with your clothing. To be safe, white and red clothes are always good. Speaking of background, make sure it is as simple as possible.

4. Check the weather at the period that you are travelling. Do you need sunglasses and hat, jacket and scarf, or an umbrella. This extra wardrobe choices will save your photo from bad hair, squinting eyes, or wet clothing.

5. Don't forget the little details. Snap that Baklava with Çay that you are about to have, record a video of Dondurma ice cream stall, the shop front with the lights on at dusk, that solitary boat on the Bosphorus sea, cats, road signs, the crowds, and the street performers. This list would be enough to make your photos a little more interesting than a group selfie.

If you have a little more time, and very interested in photography, I recommend this site : which is a good start to begin with. Happy snapping!



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