Why Do People Travel and 9 Other Questions to Ask Other Travellers

If you are just starting to travel and would like to know what are other people doing while travelling, here are some insight that might help you getting the best of your travel.

1. Why do you travel?
Friend A : Travelling has been something that he had since he was small, and being able to experience this when he was young shows how wonderful it was to travel and to absorb the cultural uniqueness from places to places.

Friend M : Back in the day, travelling in general is easy even there were no low cost airlines. Hitchhiking is very common and that what I did from north to south of Europe.

Friend I : Make time to travel extensively as it will carry the experience with you for a lifetime. He took a year off from working and travel across America.

2. What kind of hotel would you choose?
Friend A : A mix between 3-stars to 5-stars. If travelling for five days, make two days at a 3-stars hotel and two days at 5-stars hotel.

3. Places that you would never visit again.
Friend G : "I swear I would burn the shoes when i return home." India
Friend W : "It's not bad, but I don't think I would return again." South America
Friend I : "India has been romanticise over and again. You really don't want to go there." India

4. Places that you want to visit again and again.
Boss A : "You can go anywhere in the world, but Bali is a place that you want to go again and again." Bali

5. Which one do you prefer. Beach or City?
Myself : City because of the easy access and facilities.
Friend I : Beach. Any.

6. Flight Choice.
Myself : Cheapest ticket. With less stop or travel.
Friend M : Go the extra mile to find low cost such as travelling by bus to the next country to catch a flight.
Friend I : Don't bother with the hassle and hidden price of a low cost airlines. Just go with a decent airlines.

7. What do you think of hostels?
Myself : I discover the beauty of living in hostel when I did my solo travel in Bangkok. I go with the most beautiful and most expensive hostel. it is an experience.
Others : None of my friends know what a hostel is.



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