Journals are the secret ingredient to travelling

In the previous post, I've talked about starting my first travel journal, and looking back now after almost two months, my notebook is almost ran out of pages! Thanks to the sudden urge of doodling and noting down notes, so yeah, mission-not-accomplished!

Little things that i've learned about keeping up a journal is:
1. I have a perfectly horrible handwriting.
2. My mind seems to jump all over since there were a lot of arrows on the pages.
3. Keep your journal separated from your other notes, i.e : buy more notebooks.

Anyway, let see what did i wrote for the first page of my travel journal entry :

The Places I've Traveled Ever

Singapore, Singapore - August 2010
Singapore, Singapore - January 2011
Hatyai, Thailand - February 2011
Paris & Rhone-Alps, France - June 2012
Geneva, Switzerland - June 2012
Bintan, Indonesia - December 2012
Athens, Greece - September 2013
Istanbul, Turkey - September 2013
Pukhet, Thailand - September 2014
Phnom Penh, Cambodia - February 2015
Bali, Indonesia - March 2015
Hong Kong, Hong Kong - May 2015
Bangkok, Thailand - June 2015
Jogjakarta, Indonesia - August 2015
Phnom Penh, Cambodia - January 2016
Bangkok, Thailand - February 2016
Bangkok, Thailand - March 2016
Bangkok, Thailand - April 2016
Singapore, Singapore - June 2016

Phew! That's 13 cities, 9 countries, 2 continents and 19 times abroad in the span of 6 years! I wouldn't have known how far and constant I've been traveling, and trailing them down by memory and by my Facebook posting helped me hunt them down one by one. So my suggestion, before you start writing your travel journal, take 5 minutes to jot down all the trips you have ever taken. Ever! This will helped you to a great start of planning your writing and travelling in the future. All the best!



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