Hat Yai Part 1 : At a Glance

Food : Most fascinating street vendor for me was the strawberry and chilli stall. Not a must try but definitely gave me a giggle. There were also a lot of nuts at the street bazaar such as cashew nuts, almonds, ground nuts so make sure to splurge on this. Bargaining is a must.

Transportation : Tuks Tuks truck and cable car at the Municipal Park

Drink : Singha Mineral Water

Must See : The temple at the Municipal Park

Favourite : The view on top of the hill and Songkhla area.

What to Avoid : Weaponry. It might be tempting to buy those Lord of the Rings swords. Hmmm…

Least Favourite : There were a lot of visitors from my hometown Kedah. It makes travelling feel less like… travelling.

What to Wear : Walking shoes as there is only Tuks Tuks around. Plus you will have to walk a lot at the Municipal Park, especially going uphill.

Language : Hilarious English translation signages. Make use of the humour in your travel photos.



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