Hat Yai Part 3 : My Acquaintance

This memoir is from quite some time ago, it was my second time to visit a foreign country, Singapore being the first. My first perceptions was that Hat Yai would be dead boring but it turns out to be quite a little wonder place to visit, notably after my discovery of the Municipal Park temples and statues.

"Enjoy every little travel, no matter how small, 
because the difficulties can be turned into opportunity"

That little piece of advice I had it written inside me after I get to feel the newly experience in travelling. That advice, after I had rolled my eyes because I was surrounded by people from my hometown int Hat Yai, me arguing with myself that this could not be better. By the way, Hat Yai was just a stone throw away from my hometown, 100 kilometre to be exact.

This was my second time to be outside of my country ever, so I was new to traveling. From this trip, I learned that when travelling to small destinations, find as many details as you can to stretch your travel even further.

From then on, I always remember, there is nothing wrong about starting small, because there is nothing like it before.

"Like a drop, of the ocean wave, splashing, over the rocks, 
and disappeared into air, by the heat of the sun, in that moment, 
that little moment, it has become a part of me."



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