The Preset Factory : Smartphone Photography

Not too long ago, I was invited by The Preset Factory for an interview about my Smartphone Photography along with other smartphone photographers around the world. The Preset Factory is a photography company selling their presets for professional photo editing with Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw.

That is my photograph there on their homepage.

Wow. Just wow! I can't even... That photo is my very first proper "photography" photo. I was, then had just received my very first camera, which was an iPhone 6. I still rocking the same iPhone now. With only no later than three days with my new iPhone, I picked up photography lesson on my way to Sarawak, and shoot this. It has been two years now, today. With no intention of stopping anytime soon, I'm still actively in smartphone photography. Next mission, I need to get published in printed publication! Read my interview with The Preset Factory here :




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