Travel iPhoneography - Subjects 01

Authentic Details


It is the easiest as architecture detail is not moving, readily available and require less technic to shoot. You can try as many angles as possible. Try to get in close, shoot from a distance, look up and look for compositional techniques. This can be a landmark, notable buildings and unique parts of the architecture such as the roof, pillars, doors, staircases and et cetera.

Decorative Elements

Look up closely, and find some decorative element that is distinctive to the place that you are travelling.

This was a picture of a bell, instead of showing the bell, I opt to get a closer look and choose to shoot the decorative elements that would otherwise not visible if I only show the bell from a distance.

You could look for details in the textiles, architectures, and museum exhibits. 


Another good subject to invoke the travel mood in your photography is the flag. The waving nature of flags gives your photograph a more atmospherically and lively effect. Flags usually raised in front of a monumental landmark, so it is easy for you to do layering compositions.


A statue is a great way to practice your portrait photography. But in this case, statues also boost your travelling vibes as they looked unique and made to look beautiful. Take advantage of the ‘eye contact’ of the statues to give ‘emotions’ to the photo.

Foreign Text

Same as d├ęcor, the foreign looking text is a way to capture the uniqueness of your travel. Look for handwritten or calligraphic for that instant ‘wanderlust’ look and feel that is very trendy at this moment. Try to avoid boring text such as signage, and opt for historical text instead.



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