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At the bridge, you can find so many potential photography subjects. You may shoot the bridge structure, the vehicle crossing, the water, the boat, the children playing in the water and people fishing to name a few.

However, don’t try to put too many subjects in one frame. Focus on one subjects at a time. Take advantage of the lines to compose your photos with leading lines, diagonal lines, repetitions and moving subjects.


A more challenging place for you to capture is the market. But, if done right, it will rewards you with compelling photos.

Give priority to well-lit corners of the market to avoid the low light problem. Here you may create repetitions from the baskets, produces neatly arranged on the table, and portraits of the people

You will usually meet local elderly here, and they would be charming and chatty. Look for porters who bring in and out carts and trolleys. They also add a interesting story to your photos.

The most exciting market I’ve been was the flowers market and the pets market, which fulfil both my personal and photographic pleasures.

Places of Worship

Built to impress, timeless and exotic in every inch of the building, places of worship is definitely a must in your photo set.

Focus on the whole building to capture a sense of the majestic quality of the construction. Look for the main doors, roof features, pillars, and the front yard.

Respect the house rules and put on your stealth mode, i.e. silence your phone.


Coloured Walls

While walking around and about, do not miss the opportunity of coloured walls. Bold colours and simple background work best. Look for texture details such as peeling paints, shadows, and unusual objects.

Also, you may capture people passing by or ask your friends to pose for you for a quick fun portrait.


While you might not be interested in buying or eating anything on the street, the street vendors are a welcome addition to your photography.

If you are not comfortable to capture them face to face, try to catch them from behind or when they are not looking. If they are moving, walk in to get in closer just so you could capture them from behind.



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