Travel iPhoneography - Subjects 03

The Old Fashion


Though people in costumes is a hit or miss opportunity, you may find them mostly in places of worship. However, the convenience of having an iPhone everywhere you go is helpful to shoot photos of people in costume when they appear.

Look far ahead in your vision and try to spot them from far. While you get ready for your camera setting, wait till they enter the frame, compose and shoot.


This subject requires you to research beforehand. Read up on the festive date and location before travelling. The most probable area to be happening is during the morning time or night time in places of worship.

You need to be focused here as there are probably will be too many things happening at once. Take it easy and start from one subjects to another.


Probably the holy grail of travel photography is to capture the portrait of the local people. Try getting comfortable connecting with the locals. To start, you may pretend asking for directions, and start chatting up with them.

Respect personal space and always ask for permission. Also, try to shoot when the people are not looking. Just remember to be stealthy.


When you are in the places of worship, try to stay a little bit longer until you blend in. When you think the time is right, get up to be closer to people practising rituals and prayers. You may practice at your own places of worship and be stealth is essential here.


If time permits, take a detour trip to village areas nearby. They could be not too far away from the city. Always have in mind, the scenic route is much rewarding than the highway. After all, it’s the journey that counts, not the destination. Practice at you own hometown just to see how beautiful nearby places are instead of thinking of places on the other half of the world.



To add some extra details to your travel photography, capture the mode of transport in the area. Bicycles are always evergreen, and the people who are riding a bike is more interesting to photograph. Mind you not to look up for the professional bicycle riders as their sporty outfit and the modern bicycle doesn't match with our theme.


This is my favourite transportation to photograph. Look up into your destination for a pier, fisherman village, ferry or even riverboats. Boats are wonderful as they are not usually available, but it is easily recognisable.


Most people would never consider taxis as exotic, but they do in some ways. Think of the Yellow Cab of New York City or the London Black Cab. Taxis are usually in bright colour, for the same reason, we could consider the Yellow Bus school too.

Some places have different kinds of taxi such as Tuks-Tuks, water taxi, and motorcycle taxi.


Find out if there are railway stations in the place you are travelling. Modern trains don't count as we are avoiding photos that don't feel exotic. Here you may practice leading lines from the railway tracks and the elongated train sides. Make use of the train windows and doors for framing techniques.



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