Sure when we think of doing something grand or realising of our master plan, we most of the time over complicate things. We start planning an exotic vacation, browsing expensive pro tools, or scrolling down high productions Instagram profiles.  We are doing so because we are so fixated on having the best of the best for us. Because we’re worth it.

I’m not saying that one shouldn’t dream of having fancy or more beautiful things in life, but those are not achievable right here and right now.

This is true enough, and I am a firm believer in this saying. I made it my mantra. Whenever I stray away from my focus, or when I hold myself back from doing something because I don’t have the right “tools”, I would tell myself this.

I've learned that the only thing that was stopping me is myself.

So I went out during sunrise to my favourite spots where I dreamed of a picturesque landscape when I was little.

Because for when I don’t know where to start, home is the right place to be. And sometimes we are blind to the beauty that is around us.



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